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Hygienic Union Parts

Hygienic Union Parts



DIN Unions

The complete union consists of a Male, Liner, Seal and Nut.
We also stock Machined Blanks and C-Spanners.
Males, Liners and Blanks are 316/L material and the Nuts are 304
material. Seals are stocked in Nitrile (standard), EPDM, Viton®,
Silicone and PTFE.

Available size range: 1/2” - 6” (NW15 – NW150)

Clamp Unions

Most commonly used in the UK's Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Semi-Conductor industries. The complete union consists of two Ferrules, a Clamp and a Seal.
We also stock Machined Blanks.
Ferrules and Blanks are 316/L material and the Clamps are 304 material (available in 316 upon request).
Seals are stocked in EPDM(standard), Viton®, Silicone, Solid PTFE and PTFE Envelope.

Available size range: 1/2” - 10”

Hygienic Hangers

We offer a range of Hangers to suit Hygienic Pipework applications.
The two main types available are the Hinge Clips and Clip and Blue Insert styles.
The Hinge Clips are an unlined clip with a 1/2” BSP female connection.
The Clip and Insert are a lined clip with a 3/4” O/D Weld Sub connection as standard (metric tapped bosses are available on special order).
Available size range: Hinge Clip 1/2” - 4”. Clip and Insert 1/2” - 6”

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