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Round Non/Low/Pressure Manways

Oval Pressure Manways

Rectangular Pressure Manways




We are able to offer a comprehensive range of Tank and Vessel Manway Doors from stock, in both Pressure and Non-Pressure types.
All Doors are fitted with EPDM seals as standard. Other materials are available upon request.

Round Pressure Manways

Back-side and side-swing opening.
Available size range: 300mm - 500mm
316L and 304L in stock

Low/Non-Pressure Round Manways

Back-side and side-swing opening.
Available size range: 200mm - 600mm
316L and 304L in stock

Oval Pressure Manways

Inwards, outwards and inwards/outwards opening.
Available size range:
440mm x 320mm - 1.3 bar/g
535mm x 435mm - 4.8 bar/g
316L only in stock. 304 available on special order.

Rectangular Pressure Manways

Outwards opening. Hinged on long or short side.
Available size range:
185 × 235mm - 0.5 bar/g
235 × 185mm - 0.5 bar/g
300 × 165mm - 0.5 bar/g
332 × 440mm - 0.6 bar/g
432 × 555mm - 1.0 bar/g
440 × 332mm - 1.3 bar/g
555 × 432mm - 0.8 bar/g
316L and 304L in stock

All Manway Doors shown are usually held as stock items at our Manchester warehouse and can be shipped for next day delivery. Other models, grades and seal materials are available on short lead times from the factory, as can be seen in our Stainless Steel Manway Door stock range PDF.

Please enquire with our sales office for further details.