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high performance valves

NTC KV-L80FS (Screwed Ends)
NTC KV-L81FS (Butt Weld Ends)
NTC KV-L82FS (Socket Weld Ends)

3-Pce Full Bore Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Direct Mount Ball Valve

Firesafe Design and Construction, certified API 607 5th Ed 2005, ISO 10497-5.
ASTM A351 CF8M 316 Stainless Steel construction, 316 Trim.
TFM 4215® (25% Carbon Filled TFM) Ball Seats, Grafoil Body Seals and Stem Packing. Ta-Luft self adjusting stem sealing. Nace MR-0175 compliant.

TFM 4215® is a WRAS approved material.

ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad and Square stem for Automation.
Anti-static devices for Ball-Stem-Body. AtEx approved.
Class 800 (2000 psi) pressure rated 1/4” - 1”
Class 600 (1500 psi) 1 1/4” - 2”
Silicone Free. Valve suitable for use on Oil based Paints.

Options available:

50% S/S Filled PTFE Ball Seats
60 Deg V-Ball for modulation duties
100mm high Spindle Extension for Insulation & Steam Actuation
Direct Mount Spring Handle/Lever
Fabricated Heating Jacket

Upstream Ball and Cavity Relief hole drilled into Ball

Butt-Weld Valve can be modified to make Socket Weld Ends for Metric Pipe Systems

Design Standard: MSS SP-110
Wall Thickness: ASME B16.34 Class 800 (1/4" - 1") & 600 (1 1/4" - 2")
Inspection & Testing: MSS SP-110

BSP Ends - BSPP IS0 228/1

Socket-Weld Ends - ASME B16.11

Butt-Weld Ends - ASME B16.25 (Sch 80)

Available size range: 1/4” - 2”


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Stainless Steel 3-Pce Full Bore Direct Mount Ball Valve NTC KV-L80FS NTC KV-L81FS NTC KV-L82FS Enlarge picture

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