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Hygienic/Sanitary Cavity 3-Pce Full Bore Filled Ball Valve with Weld Ends

ASTM A351 CF8M 316 Stainless Steel body construction, CF3M 316L Weld Ends, 316 Trim.
-20 / +180 Deg C Temperature rated.
PTFE (FDA approved) Cavity Filled Ball Seats and Seals.
Manual Lever Operated with Locking Device.
1000 psi/g pressure rated (3" size is 400 psi/g pressure rated).
Chemically polished external surface, Mechanical polish Ra 32 / 0.8um Internal.
Certified as being non-Bovine and TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) Free for all manufacturing and packaging processes

Options available:

Clamp, DIN 11851, IDF, SMS, ACME (3A) and RJT Male and Female Ends
Mating Union Parts and Seals available from stock
Standard seat material is FDA certified
Design Rating: MSS SP-110, BS4825

Inspection & Testing: API 598 / EN 12266-1
End connections: BS4825 1.6mm Wall Thickness

Available size range: 1/2” O/D - 3” O/D

Additional Information:

Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions

FDA Certification


Datasheet For 3-Pce Full Bore Hygienic/Sanitary Cavity Filled Ball Valve with Weld Ends

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